Friday, November 22, 2013

the end & beginning

For those of you wondering if we made it to Seattle, the answer is yes.  The Sekerak newlyweds, along with Chris and myself, have spent the past three months acclimating to our new zip code, which means starting over in many ways.  

The road trip to Washington involved a 26 foot Penske rental truck, our Honda towed behind with Dan and Rachel following us in their Jeep.  What started as a four day adventure turned in to five, as we navigated through several repair calls and emergency stops - the first one was only a mile and a half out of our driveway!

Due to a busted truck, we eventually had to trade rigs in a remote part of South Dakota.  It was the most dramatic day of our travels that will not soon be forgotten.  It involved moving all of our things from the faulty truck to a new one in 100 degree heat.  In a small town.  On a Sunday.  Penske sent us two skinny country boys to do the job, but the four of us jumped in soon after they started knowing the hulking task would take six hours longer to accomplish without the extra hands.  It was hot and sweaty and maddening on many levels.  But, we made it.  God kept us (mostly) sane and surely there will be a song to come out of it.  If you're on Instagram, search for #movin2seattle for a pictorial account of our journey west.  

Cracker Barrel fed us well.

Stuck in Oacoma, SD.
Surely, we'll laugh about this some day.
We were not sad to see it go.

Making the most of one of our many roadside stops
with a synchronized swinging routine.

We ate and cried and prayed and laughed our way along every single one of those 2400 miles to our new home in The Emerald City. Staying overnight with dear friends in Montana helped; though I'm still not sure how Dan and Rachel survived without air-conditioning in their car, nor do I know how we were able to walk straight after so many days in our bumpy rental.

Burning the miles with my love.
The Dry family in Bonner, MT.
Montana sunset.

It was a comedy of errors, needless to say.

We made it!  Road weary.  Still smiling.

Our moving crew on both sides of the trip were lifesavers!  It was a whole crew on the front end and a small but mighty gathering on the back end.  I still marvel at how this all came about, and am so grateful it did.  The NW greeted us with sunshine, friendly neighbors, and mountains that swallow up the skyline.

"A good friend will help you move, but a true friend will help you move a body." 
- Steven J. Daniels

Dan and Rachel both work from home, Chris is knee-deep in graduate school at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology (and loving it!), and I am job-seeking with one hand while pursuing freelance writing opportunities with the other.

We have reconnected with our friends and family out here and I've been able to attend all of my mom's chemo appointments.  The four of us have a weekly discussion and prayer group in our home as a means of deepening our relationships with each other and solidifying ourselves as a ministry team.  

We're all attending a new church called Shorewood Foursquare, and this Sunday, Chris, Rachel and I will help lead worship for the first time.  Chris and Dan have joined a homeless outreach team on Saturday mornings and we're getting to know our community.  Our little band will be singing at my parents' church on Christmas Eve and hope to find some gigs around town in the new year.  We were blessed with a modern, quirky three-story home on a hill in the Highland Park neighborhood of West Seattle and we welcome visitors!

All of that said, this will be my last post on this blog.

I can't thank you enough for keeping up with us and our season in Ohio.  It was three and a half of the best and most challenging years we've known in our marriage, and one we left with rich memories and friendships. There were a thousand tears shed when we said our goodbyes, not one of them wasted.  We love knowing we will always have a midwest home!

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Love and squeaky cheese!