Friday, August 2, 2013

the tribe

It was the day that began with corned beef and ended with a home run.  I mean, it was pretty much a given that we would attend a Cleveland Indians game at some point during our Ohio residency.  It just took three years, and our Rachel marrying her Dan (who is an avid baseball fan and often has extra tickets).

Before we stuffed our faces at Progressive Field, we stuffed our faces at the famous Slyman's restaurant.  Slyman's corned beef is so well-known that even former president, George W. Bush, has eaten there, with other visits by Rachael Ray and Jason Castro.  It is delicious, we can vouch for that, and heaping in portion size.

My goodness!  I ate most of the first half with a fork until I could fit the rest in my mouth as a sandwich.  The other half was my lunch on Tuesday.  Thank you to our friends, Neal and Michelle, for introducing us to this Cleveland icon.

And a Diet Coke, please.

After recovering from our corned beef coma, we joined Dan and Rachel for the Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indians homegame.  It was a back and forth match, tied most of the game.  I used to watch baseball more when I was a kid, so I don't really know how to talk about it as an adult.  I love the energy of the home crowd, the guy who beats on a drum to build excitement, and how perfectly the lines on the field are mowed.  It is real grass, right?  

Still, nine innings can feel like a long time when you're not an enthusiast, so I appreciated the walks along the concourse to get food.  Fat brats, hand cut fries, ice cold sodas and frozen custard were on our menu that night.  

Rachel & Dan are real fans - they have jerseys.

Our view from the bleacher seats was also pretty great!  We could see the entire field, which also meant getting a full view of "the wave" as it traveled through the crowd.  I'm pretty sure each player had their own theme song, too, which might be the coolest thing ever.

The game was tied for the last half and ended in fireworks, as some guy named Jason Giambi hit a home run for the win.  Apparently, he's considered "old" in this sport.  Well, I hope every other 42 year-old man cheered along with his game-winning hit!

My favorite moment of the evening was seeing Dan's name in a brick at Heritage Park, thanks to one adoring father.  

And those fries.

No shame in my game.

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