Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Every day closer to our move brings another action of finality.

At the start of the month we had two days' worth of moving sales in our front yard.  The first day dumped rain, the second day was blazing hot.  Our borrowed tent and garage space made the sale more interactive, even in a downpour.  Believe it or not, the wetter day was the more popular day and the day we met neighbors we'd never seen before.

It seems a good purging brings people together. 

On Thursday, I gave my car keys away to a young man named Kyle.

He has drooled over my Ford Escape for a year now, and was so excited when we asked him to buy it before our move.  We gave him a great deal and he hugged the car before putting the keys in the ignition.  I'm sad to see BattleKat go, but grateful she stayed in the Cornerstone Chapel family.  It really was fun making this nice boy's dream come true (his first car = his dream car).

Friday was the day we signed final paperwork on our house and the day Chris's co-workers sent him off with a pizza party and bagpipes.

Saturday was the Macklin-Flagner wedding.  Sunday was our final Sunday at church.  Hubby and I got to lead worship together one last time, ending with a covering of prayer in front of the congregation. Our lead pastors even gave us a present and let us say a few words to our church family before leaving the stage.  We were then mobbed after both services by well-wishers, hugs, tears, kind words, group photos, cards and gifts.  The attention was reminiscent of our wedding reception fourteen years ago.

The good kind of overwhelming.

That night, we had our final evening with the Gardiners.  We played and read books with their kids, ate Melanie's bounty of snacks, watched a few episodes of a show we like, and talked until midnight. Mel presented us with a gorgeous scrapbook she made, compiling many of our favorite Ohio moments and memories.  I have no idea how she found the time to do this, but I'm so glad she did.  

Monday was hubby's final dental appointment in Ohio, the day we had our garage door fixed, I said goodbye to some friends, we unloaded all of our freezer food on Amanda, and had one final homemade pizza party with the Mousers.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the next day will be filled with final coffee dates, more dinners with friends, ordering new address labels, changing utilities, submitting our change of address forms, picking up the Penske truck, packing, loading, cleaning, and saying our last goodbyes.

We are blessed to have a rental house waiting for us in Seattle.  One of the connections I made during my reunion weekend turned in to a home for the four of us.  Together we will furnish it and decorate it and reacquaint ourselves with our new zip code   It's something we've anticipated for months and is finally here.

I swear it feels like we just arrived.

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