Saturday, July 6, 2013

riding solo

Early Wednesday morning, I took my man to the airport for his second missions trip to Nicaragua.  This year, he is leading a team of 13 (last year he was one of only three participants from our church), plus two friends from California who met him there.  Since my not being a morning person is well-known around these parts, we had several people from church offer to be Chris's 3:30am ride.  Thank you kindly, but no thank you.  I wanted to be the one to share that bleary-eyed moment with him.  And I did it!  It was a little rough for my body, but so good for my heart.

Chris swore he didn't have to work with puppets last year, but this year there was no denying it.  Within the first two days, he got to put his hand inside of a felted doll.  Chris confessed this to me himself, and our friend, Dan, sent me a small phone picture of the puppets on stage.  At first, I was just proud of him for taking on the team leadership role, but now my pride beams even brighter.  

Funny how God stretches us.

The team is connecting well and finding their niche.  Today is their first full day of ministry, and it's blazing hot.  Some will work at a free medical clinic, others will help with building construction, and the rest will be with Chris handing out Bibles and doing street ministry (music, drama, puppets, etc.).

It was strange being at our church's annual July 3rd tailgate party without hubby.  I requested a full-time volunteer gig at the sno-cone machine, which kept me busy.  Bruce's Patty also went to Nicaragua, so he and I sat together with a few others during the fireworks show. Naturally, I had to send my man a photo of me with the bagpipers. (He likes bagpipes as much as he likes clowns.)

Safety first.  Hi, Erva!

© photo credit: Amanda Mural

© photo credit: Amanda Mural

On the actual holiday, I met with a couple of clients, ran a few errands, and then joined hundreds of other spectators down at Chippewa Lake for their annual waterski show.  We know one of the families on the team from church, and their water acrobatics are really something to see.  I walked along the lake and tried to find a good viewing spot amongst the locals on golf carts.  The show itself was entertaining, but so was the people-watching.  Oh man, so many cut-off shorts and ponytails (on men!), farmer tans, classic sun visors and fanny packs.  I left before the cardboard boat races started, but not before getting an eyeful of Chippewa's finest.

Chippewa Lake is a natural inland lake in Ohio that creates a peaceful view year-round, and is maybe best known for the amusement park it used to host.  With just over 711 residents, the village has a fascinating history of being one of the former hot spots in the area's social scene.  Chippewa Lake Park was the Cedar Point of its day and operated for decades before being shut down.  Go here for a stylized docu-video about the defunct park. 

As much as I miss my other half, I'm grateful he is where he is, doing what he loves.  He mentioned they might have him preach in Spanish tomorrow.  Sans puppets?  

Tonight, I'm having a scary movie night with friends, and praying the next week goes by without incident.  I've only needed to replace a lightbulb in the bathroom and refill the gas can for our lawn mower so far.  Here's hoping our plumbing behaves.

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