Saturday, June 29, 2013

vow renewal

Hubby has put his minister's license to good use here in Ohio.  In addition to pastoring, he has performed seven weddings (with two on deck), two vow renewals, and a funeral.

Both of the vow renewals were a surprise to the brides.

The one that happened this week was for dear friends of ours.  Zach and Emily were pastors at Cornerstone Chapel when we arrived over three years ago.  We consider them an answer to our prayers in the Ohio friend department, and we were so honored to share this moment with them.

We met at the foot of one side of Medina Lake (a lake we didn't know existed until this week - true story!).  We walked with Zach to the opposite side of the bridge and waited for Emily to arrive.  When she did, each of their children handed her flowers at different portions of the path before the bridge.  She smiled her signature smile (think: sunshine on a spring day), and was just plain adorable, as she walked across the bridge and saw all of us.  I could imitate her, but it wouldn't translate well in print.  Emily is super cute, and has a sing-song quality to her voice.

Zach pledged his love and devotion, read scripture passages from the Bible, and re-proposed to her on bended knee.

She said yes (again).

We all cheered.

Then, we followed them up the hill to the side of the lake, where Chris had them restate their wedding vows (14 years and counting!) and take pictures.  Even though the weather was muggy and bug-y, the view was gorgeous.  I pinch myself on days like this, wondering how we got so lucky.  Sharing the biggest life moments with people we love is high on my list of perfect blessings.


  1. Really?? I've been to that lake at least 20 times within the last 2yrs! Solo cute!

    1. I know, Amanda! It surprised us, too. I remember you went fishing there, but it never registered in my brain where "there" was, since we'd never seen it. I think I always assumed you meant Chippewa Lake. Now I know! haha Medina Lake is so pretty!