Thursday, June 13, 2013

together apart

For breakfast, I'm starting with a bottle of Pennsylvania Dutch birch beer.  I bought a loaf of Dutch Country whole wheat bread for my man yesterday, and had a conversation with a client about Amish buggies.  Last night, our county was under a tornado watch until midnight, and we got to witness a fantastic thunder and lightning storm.  And by fantastic, I mean light up the house, blow the trees sideways exciting.  The fireflies made an appearance in our front yard before the rain came, and hubby and I took a drive along some of our favorite back roads.

I'm beginning to feel the weight of our future plans.  

As much as I long for a mountain view, there are things I'm going to miss about the country: wide open spaces, cornfields, weathered barns, wild animals randomly showing up in our front yard, bonfires (they make 'em big out here!), community-driven events, the crickets' nighttime serenade, farm equipment sharing the highway, Amish World, winding roads, homemade everything, walking to the townsquare, small town parades, fireflies, thunderstorms, etc.  

Typical gift from friends: organic farm-fresh eggs.
Big and gorgeous.

Backyard clematis.

Moving seems to be a popular option for people we know.  The Hickersons are leaving North Carolina for Southern California.  The Pardys left California for Nashville.  We have friends in Medina moving to Cleveland, and other friends who just bought their first home in Strongsville.  And slowly, each piece is falling in to place for our relocation, with the emotional part weighing heavily on my heart.  I'll be closing my business in a month, selling my stuff, and applying for jobs. We have house showing #17 today (to go with two previous open houses + one failed offer), and someone in the church is going to buy BattleKat.  We're making plans for a yard sale in July and a farewell concert in August.

And on it goes.

I hugged my youth girls tightly last night and told them I loved them. Next week is our final youth gathering of the school year, then the summer is a free for all.  I have movie and frozen yogurt dates already lined up with students.  

They won't let me get away very easily.

I'm okay with that.

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