Friday, June 28, 2013

sale pending

After only eight weeks on the market, we have a buyer!  

We received our official offer a week ago and are moving forward. The inspection and appraisal are now complete, without incident. The buyers are requesting a few minor fixes, but pretty much flying colors!  We sign more paperwork in an hour.  

Whew!  What a relief it is to be on this end of things.  I know it's not a done deal yet, but my prayers are hopeful.  

Honestly, every step has made me nervous.  I think it's more about the "first date" desire for approval than anything else.  We put our best foot forward with the attention and care we've put in to our home, and we hope that others (with money or really great credit) like it, too.  And then there's the whole letting go of control thing (not my strong suit) and.. oh.. our moving timeline.

Nerves nerves nerves.

I'm going to need a massage when escrow closes.

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