Monday, June 24, 2013

open mic

Cups Cafe is a local non-profit coffeehouse, a "connecting place."

Owner, Tim Van Arsdale, has a heart for seeing people come to know hope, love and salvation.  He is also our neighbor and friend.  Cups leases the building they're in, but the building's owner has wanted to sell it for some time.  The building is now up for auction, so Tim and cafe supporters are raising funds to win the auction and own the building for good.  We truly believe in what they're doing, and were honored to be part of a fundraiser they had over the weekend.  

It was an open mic night at the cafe, where a dozen local musicians shared their talents.  We took a turn with sibling acts on guitar, young people in cowboy hats, a "Mumford & Sons" cover, and children singing the blues.  Even Amanda put her name on the list.

Go here to see "Rachel & The Holywaters" perform an original song. 

Good news!  The cafe met its initial goal (!), and continues to raise money for the auction and expansion efforts.  Tim shared at the music night about wanting to go beyond food and company to provide temporary housing and job opportunities, amongst other things.  His heart (and beard!) is a thing of beauty.

Serving hope - one cup at a time.

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