Wednesday, June 12, 2013

and many more

Dear friends of ours from Kansas are in the area celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.  They have family in Columbus, so they're taking a driving tour across Ohio.  They called us up last minute and asked if we'd join them for dinner in Cleveland.

My duty was to the youth kids tonight (my last cell group with the girls), but hubby was free so he joined our friends on E. 4th Street for a tasty bite.  They had reservations at The Greenhouse Tavern, which is drool-worthy at just a mention.  A green, farm-to-table, seasonal menu featured establishment, with a downtown vibe, makes for one feel-good evening.  I was really happy my husband could join them for the catching up part, the we-always-have-the-best-time-with-them-part, and the part where he got to see our friend Steve eat his way through a roasted pig head.

Priscilla sent me a picture of her and Chris, so I could smile along with them.  The pig photo is on her Facebook page.  

Did I mention?  We spent their 8th wedding anniversary with them in Cambria, CA in 2001.  Eating and drinking our way through wine country, sleeping in neighboring rooms at a local Bed & Breakfast (located on an avocado farm), and drinking coffee each morning on a wrap-around porch.  It was in Cambria that I discovered handmade soap, and tasted the best guacamole made from avocados and lemons (picked that same morning!).  Ah, the life.  When we stayed with Steve and Priscilla in 2011, they dusted off their last bottle of ruby red port (procured at a boutique wine shop in Cambria) they had saved all those years, and shared it with us.  

It was fitting that at least one of us could toast their 20th with them.

Hubby came home raving about his visit and the meal they shared. I've only had small plate dishes at The Greenhouse Tavern, to my delight.  But, hubby dove right in with the grilled Ohio lamb burger (dressed in cheese fondue and champagne shallot).

Cheers to you, Steve and Priscilla.. here's to 20 more!

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