Monday, May 27, 2013

memorial day

There are a few sounds I don't mind being woken up by:

1.) the coffee grinder
2.) giggling children
3.) a marching band

Today it was number three, as our town hosted its annual Memorial Day parade at the townsquare.  Something I've always enjoyed about living in Medina is how community-driven it is when the holidays arrive.  We may not see our neighbors much outside of these occasions (run-ins at the grocery store are common, as are the drive-by wave, the smell of barbecue grills in the summertime, and Irl sitting in his driveway - watching the neighborhood from his lawn chair), but the encounters are always sweet.

The big project for our weekend was painting the exterior of our house.  On Saturday we had four friends, plus my husband, outside on ladders; yesterday, Dan put in a few more hours; and today, he and my hubby are finishing the job.  I ran errands (more paint, food, new door shopping for our sun room), and made sure everyone was fed and hydrated.  Amanda joined the men this morning by mowing our lawn.  The sky is threatening to rain, so the finish may be cut short.

Red skin tater salad with homemade spicy garlic pickles from our friend Ali, poppyseed dressing, and chives from our garden.  

But man, we have the best friends.

They must love us a whole lot to do all of that work for us.  

Did I tell you?  Our baby robins flew the coop!  Saturday was the day they left the nest.  I walked around our property looking for the babies, and was able to spot two of them trying out their wings.  The past month of watching them grow from egg to flight, has been a dream come true for me.  I feel like a proud mama.

First one to leave the nest.  He drew the short stick.

Brave little guy.

Fully grown now, but you can still see a little fuzz on their heads.  
Good job, kids!

Empty nest syndrome.

Thank you to all of the men and women who serve and make sacrifices for our freedom (present and past tense).  I am grateful every day to live in a country where I can sleep soundly at night.

Waking up to anything other than bombs and gunfire is alright by me.

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