Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Almost two years ago I dressed up as a Pink Lady from Grease.

It's been that long since we had a youth spring banquet, much to the dismay of the students.  Last Wednesday, all was redeemed with a masquerade ball.  

For this affair, I wore my own black dress with black patterned tights and black heeled ankle boots.  I attached a faux fur collar that I borrowed from an old sweater, a purple bob-cut wig, layered eye make-up, red lipstick, and a fancy mask I found at World Market.  I loved the butterfly accent and those feathers!  My look was inspired by The Great Gatsby movie.

The wig was my favorite part.  

Thankfully, when sweat dripped down my face half an hour in and my mask smooshed my cheeks, causing me to take it off after an hour, the wig went the distance.  Oh, and the kids dressed up!  The boys wore suits and tuxedos, the girls wore prom dresses.  

It was glamorous and sparkly.

Two funny moments for me were greeting my husband's Bible Study group (made up of older singles) while in full costume, and then leaving the driveway as two new people showed up.  Forgetting I didn't look like myself, I waved to them and smiled.  Funny how they weren't sure of me.  Our neighbor, Josh, was outside doing yardwork in that same moment and was also confused when he saw me.  He wasn't actually sure it was me or sure of what I was exactly either, so when I explained it to him last night, we laughed at the oddity of things.  I suppose in a glance, I looked like a flash of gold and purple with something sticking out of my head (driving a car?).  

I'd be confused, too.

None of us kept our identities a secret.  Even the young man dressed as The Phantom and the other who wore a George Bush mask (?!) made themselves known.  We were all so excited to see each other fancied up, and to dance the night away!  

Well, we were done by 9pm (school night), but you get the idea.  

P.S.  The Cupid Shuffle is my new jam.

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