Sunday, May 12, 2013

maple fudge

Early Saturday morning, I took my husband to the airport.  

He's in Seattle for his grad school interview.  I have ants in my pants wondering how it will all go.

The reviews and interviews we've read and watched online make us even more excited for this opportunity.  These people speak our language and place high value on dialogue and community.  They desire to see their therapists become theologians and their theologians become therapists.  They foster honesty and an environment of learning that explores more than just the subject at hand.  Hubby is going to be like a kid in a candy shop tomorrow.

Plus, the school is located downtown, by Pike Place Market.  Such a perfect location for us!  We are eager to live in an urban setting and be close to all of our favorite restaurants again. 

So, while my babe is away, I'm catching up on things.  

Mostly sleep and girlfriend time.

Last night, I saw Baz Luhrmann's take on The Great Gatsby. Surprisingly (probably more to you, than me), I have never read the novel, but I just always knew I'd love the costumes and swanky language.  And I did.  This movie is a visual masterpiece! The first scene, where you meet the core characters in that breezy room with the curtains, muted tones, and playful laughter.. ohhhh.. it literally stopped my breath for a moment.  The story becomes uncomfortable and sad as it goes on, and the colors turn from gorgeous to grey, but it's a ride worth taking.  I saw it with my high-heeled lady friends, Rachel and Emily.  The three of us drank it in, then stayed up late verbally replaying what we saw, while eating our way through an Applebee's happy hour.

Today, Jessica and Amanda came over for our semi-annual viewing of the Project Runway finale.  Jess always brings homemade fudge (this time it was maple flavored), Amanda made lemonade from scratch, and I fired up the panini grill.  We watched anxiously as the remaining designers sewed their way in to New York Fashion Week and Tim Gunn's favor.  My favorite designer (from Portland!) won, and the season ended nicely.

Tomorrow, I'll polish up my resume and start applying for jobs.  

For now, I'm thinking about my pillow and comfy bed.. and those critter noises that woke me up this morning.

Come home soon, love.  

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