Friday, May 3, 2013

happy friday

Social media amazes me.  

I can post a photo of my frozen yogurt and sunglasses on Instagram and call it "Happy Friday!," then get a response from one of my youth girls telling me she and a friend are coming to see me.

And then they do.. on roller blades!

Granted, I didn't see the post until after they showed up, but the surprise was priceless.  First they posted on my IG, then they sent me Snapchat photos of me with the caption, "I see you."  I didn't get those either until after the fact, but they made me laugh when I did. I was standing with my husband at the time, and two visiting pastors from California.  We had taken them out to dinner, then to Lemonberry for dessert, followed by a walk through the townsquare. It was such a lovely evening, and even lovelier when Cailee and Julianne found us on the far side of the gazebo.

These girls are the cutest stalkers I know!  

Of course we took a "selfie" and of course it was posted on Instagram within seconds.  We talked for a few minutes, hugged, and said our goodbyes.  Then we texted each other, Snapchatted, and commented on our IG photos.

Keeping the world small, one creep at a time.  

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