Monday, April 8, 2013

that's entertainment

I love being entertained.

With so many things in this life that weigh heavy on my heart, it's nice to have a balance.

Some days it's physical activity, other days it's frozen yogurt in the townsquare.  Most often it's entertainment.  We have TV shows on our DVR and documentaries in our Netflix queue.  We adore the movie theatre, live stage shows, and having shared experiences with friends: new restaurants, music, road trips, art, coffeeshops, and character-driven films.  We're not picky.  We do have lazy moments and I love my sleep.  But more often than not, hubby and I jump at the chance to be absorbed in a soiree.

Today we're attending our first day of the Cleveland International Film Festival.  This is our third year in attendance, and one we've eagerly anticipated.  I wrote about our first year here.  Last year, we watched four films, this week we'll watch three.  Here is a list of the pieces we've seen and will see, in order of appearance:

The Finger (Argentina)
Nana (France)
Found Memories (Brazil)
Survival Prayer (USA, Canada)
Girl Rising (USA)
Still Mine (Canada)

A few weeks ago, I attended a preview reception for this year's festival, which featured a highlight reel of trailers and a film short from Australia that I'll not soon forget: The Interviewer.  The packed room of film enthusiasts, room-length spread of hors d'oeuvres, the wine bar, and collective energy made the event electric.  Dan and Rachel and my client/friend, Regina, joined me for an evening that got us even more excited for what's to come.  When our tickets arrived in the mail, I opened them with the same kind of elation that others probably had when they got their tickets for tonight's Cleveland Indians season opener.

Ants in my pants.

Last night, we watched the season premiere of our favorite AMC show, Mad Men.  As with the two seasons before it, we shared the premiere with our dear friends, Mike and Melanie.  Mel created a delightful spread of meat and cheeses, preserves, crackers, curried hummus, chocolate-dipped strawberries and homemade coconut ice cream (we brought some fancy libations).  Mel and I dressed the part, while our men wore pajamas.  Melanie even did a costume change from fancy dress and pearls to casual chic, ala character Megan.

I like to think that God is amused by the way we amuse ourselves on earth.  I'm also grateful that He grafted us in to a creative world with brilliant minds who keep our senses firing and our glasses full.

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