Tuesday, April 30, 2013


There is no mistaking our house is for sale.

Two front yard signs, two showings tomorrow, an open house on Sunday and 18 realtors did a walk-through today.  No wonder I'm having stress dreams.

It's starting to feel like our house is no longer our own, which I guess it really isn't.  We prayed blessing over and dedicated our home to the Lord three years ago, and ever since, we've hosted dinner parties, movie nights, out-of-town guests, music jams, sleepovers, Bible Studies, cry sessions, lunch dates, church meetings, added a roommate, and blessed others while being blessed.  My husband and I have done well here, and we are eager to see who continues the "legacy of love" that I felt when I first stepped foot in the unfinished living room.  See our official listing here: MLS #3402404.

These are what the cabinets look like now, after Chris painted them all the same color (the listing will have a before photo):

We had our friend Jim fix the chimney in the sunroom, replace the kitchen baseboards, and do some finish work in the basement.  Our house looks better than ever!  It's a gardener's dream, really, and that gazebo?  Who wouldn't want one of their very own?

Our across the street neighbor, Irl, shuffled over to visit us yesterday. With his pants pulled up high, shirt buttoned up tight, and tears in his eyes, he gave me a hug and told me he was going to miss us.  We mostly wave to him when he sits in his driveway lawn chair or drives past our house in his black Cadillac, but we also have the occasional visit, request for help or landscaping tutorial, and one time we helped his wife when she had fallen.  He prides himself in knowing "all of the neighbors," and told me he was going to walk down the street and check in on a widow after he left our house (love that midwest hospitality!).  And don't get me started on our neighbors next door, Josh and Kelly.  I'll start crying all over again.  Kelly texted me the other day saying, "I'm not ready for you guys to move."  *sigh*  I'm so happy Chris gets to marry them before we go.

Loretta (our real estate agent) e-mailed me after the mass realtor walk-through with glowing reviews.  I was so relieved and pleased. I swear I almost had a panic attack this morning when I forgot to hide away the purple sponge that sits on the edge of our kitchen sink.  

God is faithful and our chiropractor's office is up the street.  They'll both be working out my kinks this week.

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