Monday, April 22, 2013

it's official

The announcement was made at our church services a week ago Sunday, and last Wednesday I made a tear-filled (snot on the microphone) announcement to our youth kids.  I posted it on Facebook last Saturday and today I told my business clients.

Now, to the blog.  

Hubby and I are moving back to Seattle!  It's a bittersweet reality, to be sure, and one grounded in faith.  We are leaving Ohio with nothing but love and are eager to see what the next season of life holds for us.  I will get to be closer to my mom who is living with terminal cancer, and Chris will be attending graduate school (pursuing a master's degree in counseling).

Saying goodbye sucks, but thankfully I am crazy about social media and take delight in sending Snapchats and making Vine videos.  I also plan on creating a new blog that I hope you will grab a seat for.  

I am really taken by this form of writing and have found it to be one of my fondest creative outlets.  I'm not sure how the new blog will look yet, but if it's anything like this one, it will shape itself.  I will also be sure to include links to posts from this blog, as the new things I write remind me of the midwest.

So today, we staged the house, signed paperwork, our realtor took pictures and plans to post our listing tomorrow.  Lockbox is on the front door.  This just got real.

P.S.  Our doorbell doesn't work, do we need to disclose that?

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