Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hubby and I text each other whenever we see snow or rain outside. We both love these elements and like sharing the moment, even when we're apart.

This morning, we had a gentle snowfall.

Sure enough, my phone lit up with a message from Chris.  He noticed it first, and then I saw it through my sleepy eyes.  The flakes made a soft descent from the sky, like a whisper.  We're thinking this could be our last blast of the year.  I've seen crocuses with snow on them before, so I suppose self-predictions are anyone's guess.

But, we're ready for Spring.

What does feel like Spring are Cadbury Mini Eggs.  I found them at the store today.  I bought, I ate.  Now all I can think about are white rabbits that sound like chickens.

What are your favorite Spring things?


  1. when the Robins come back and the rest of the birds sing in the early morning!

    1. I love the sounds of birds chirping in spring, too! I heard one outside my office window last week and paused a treatment, so my client and I could enjoy it. :)