Sunday, March 31, 2013


Three services at our church today proclaimed the resurrection of Jesus, reminding us of what God can create out of dust.

My favorite moments were seeing little girls show off their colorful dresses to each other (there was twirling), watching dear friends share their testimonies from the stage (including one of my youth girls, 16 year-old Hannah - I met her when she was living in darkness and self-harm, and have had the joy of watching her life transformed over the past three years!), singing triumphant songs, and having a front row seat to the drama and dance.  

So, pretty much the whole thing.

And I traded my boots for wedge heels.  
(The temperature is above 50 today!)

Happy Easter, loved ones.  I hope you are experiencing your own personal resurrection out of past shame and regret, old identities and lies.  Today is a new and glorious day!  A day to celebrate that Christ died for you and made you a new creation.  

He is risen.. indeed!

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