Monday, March 25, 2013

keeping warm

Medina County Schools are closed today.  

It's the first Snow Day they've had this winter, and it's (technically) not even winter!  I woke up to text and photo messages from my youth kids announcing their happiness about having a day off, but obviously stir crazy from the prolonged cold.  

My hubby chose to do some shoveling as his workout today.  I'm choosing to stay inside where it's warm, and go about my day wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt.  We're talking about venturing out in an hour to run some errands.  

I might change my clothes.  I might not.

This weather reminds me of the dinner dates we've had with families from our church recently.  We are spoiled, plain and simple.  We get food made from scratch and evenings spent with "salt of the earth" people.  Most of the time, they are able to cater to my dietary needs, but I find myself on occasion putting those needs aside for a Lenten fish fry, homemade pasta, chocolate anything, and baked brie with cranberry chutney.  Let's face it, my willpower is weak.  

A single woman named Dolores (Dee) invited us over to her townhouse last month.  She lives in a retirement community, and has a fondness for crafting and handmade doilies.  As an Italian, cooking without gluten or dairy caused her some anxiety.  But, she amazed us (and herself) with a traditional breaded chicken recipe and stewed vegetables (she made GF), with sliced Udi's bread on the side, cut fruit and applesauce for dessert.  Dee worked very hard as a single mother in her younger years, and has grown children and darling grandchildren who are thriving in her wake.  

Last night, we were treated to Bonnie's famous vegetable soup.  She and her daughter make 100 ounces of this meal every summer, when Bonnie's garden is ready for harvest.  They eat some, give some away, and freeze the rest.  Don and Bonnie are in their 70s and Don has dietary needs of his own, so they are familiar with living without wheat.  They served us a bounty of fresh produce and GF goodies. Don & Bonnie were married over 50 years ago, and celebrated their Golden Anniversary by road-tripping across the country.  Don was a pastor for many years, and Bonnie was a grant writer.  They oversee our church's Marriage Ministry and are mentors to several couples.

Both Dee and the Sanders are wonderful.  We loved hearing their family stories, and talking about matters of the heart.  They are beautiful people, living cozy lives.

Today is a day for building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate.

Is Easter really less than a week away?

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