Sunday, March 10, 2013

aiming high

Even with an allergies-turned-head-cold situation, I had my game face on.  Wad of tissues to my right, cough drops in my purse, a fork and knife in each hand, I was ready.

Today was the first Sunday of Chatham's annual Sugar Bush festival and the V.F.W. pancake feed.  This was our third year attending the small town favorite, and the year I was going to beat my personal record.  In 2011, I consumed nine pancakes.  In 2012, I could only stomach eight and a half.  2013?  No excuses.  

Our table of 8 (Gail Bowman & Carl Sigel not shown) with Norman (red suspenders) & Sarah (yellow apron) Bistline who attend our church and supply the famous pancake mix from their local flour mill called the "Old Mill."
© photo credit: Carl Sigel 

Allowing myself one sausage link and giving the second away, I mowed my way through the first two pancakes and the second three. Five down?  No problem.  It was cake number 6-8 that started to cramp, but nine and ten were downright painful.  Like a marathon runner, I knew that "hitting the wall" was normal.  

Rachel's last bite, Sugar Bush 2012.
Her expression perfectly captures my final lap face.

Just.  Needed.  To.  Push.  Through.

Seven other people were my witnesses, as I squeezed 10 flapjacks in to my belly.  Winner!  (Hubby kept pace with 5 sausage links + 6 pancakes!)  I'm a lightweight when it comes to the articles they have displayed in the dining area.  Over the past 51 years, other patrons have devoured 25-30 of the hearty little cakes.  I'm pretty sure my stomach would turn inside out if I tried those moves.

What's that?  Next year they're having an official pancake eating contest?  Training resumes tomorrow.   

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