Wednesday, February 13, 2013

turning two

In 2005 I went back to school to become an esthetician.  I had no idea then the path that lay before me.  I just knew I wanted to help people in a tangible way, and learn about my own skin in the process. Help and learn I have.  Oh my goodness!  I've had my hands on hundreds of people, maybe a thousand.  I love it.

Honestly, it's a career path I would recommend to anyone looking to care for people through touch.  It sounds funny saying that, considering most of them pay me for the service.  But what it becomes is so much more than surface contact.

Sweet Face Skin Care had its humble beginning in 2007, and continues to be a source of therapy and relaxation for the community.  In fact, just last week I celebrated my two year anniversary here in Medina with lots of well wishes, and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my husband. 

My Ohio client list is at 220 and growing!  I've been moved by your survival stories, stories of redemption and healing, surgery scars, family miracles, life and death, overcoming addiction, graduations, marriages, pregnancy, births, the list goes on.  I gave a facial to an American military veteran and a student from Saudi Arabia in the same week. I've waxed dozens of uni-brows and hairy nostrils, worked out shoulder kinks, treated troubled skin, set blackheads free, and wowed you with your own glow!

Listening and counseling, pampering and hugging - these are all elements of a dream job to me.  Plus, my clients make me laugh, and do well to listen to my crazy stories, too. The instant connection in our humanness is a gift I wouldn't give away.

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Thank you so much for your support, and for encouraging me to follow my heart.  I am blessed beyond measure.

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