Wednesday, February 6, 2013

that glow

Saturday was beautiful.  The falling snow was beautiful, the afternoon light was beautiful, and this girl = beautiful.

Her name is Dana, and she is one of the sincerest, most daring free-spirits I know.  She and I could be trouble, if left alone too long.  We both adore our husbands, creativity, loving people, and finding joy in our work.  She and her sister (and their spouses) moved to California for a year to study at the Bethel School of Ministry, came back, and now they're cooking a baby.

I just love this extended family, and love celebrating with them!

Saturday we threw Dana a baby shower.  We took turns telling our favorite childhood memories (some shared their made-for-TV birth stories - wow!), encouraging the new mom, eating yummy treats (two long tables and a kitchen counter full of yummy treats), drawing funny messages on infant diapers and writing blessings on notecards.  We each presented Dana with a children's books.  "Oh, Sully!" was my gift - created by our friend, Kevin Gard.  

At one point, a few of us ended up on the dining room floor pressing on Dana's stomach.  We all wanted to feel her baby move, and she said it was more active while laying down.  Baby was stubborn, but the moment was memorable.

You are a sweet miracle, little one.


  1. Amy! This was such a beautiful surprise to read! I cried haha. I'm so blessed to have you in my life!
    Dana and Baby :)

    1. You are an incredible woman, Dana! Your friendship is a gift to me, and I absolutely cannot wait to meet that lil peanuty peanut I've been praying for. xoxo