Tuesday, February 5, 2013

game day

The Super Bowl is about the energy of a crowd, entertaining commercials, the halftime show and food, right?  Oh yeah, I guess some big guys run around the field smashing in to other big guys and dance in each other's end zones.

I'm usually not one for football.  But, this year I watched most of the game and liked it.  Breaking up the hours with funny ads and oven checks helped.. and the fabulous Beyoncé!

She makes thighs look good.

So, we invited two friends over to watch the game with us.  Both were female.  My hubby was a patient patient man that evening, as we approached the event as many girls do: not really understanding the sport, but wanting to be part of the mix.  There were questions asked, some mindless chatter, and spontaneous singing.  

And we ate well.  This was my favorite game day recipe.

While I was rooting for the Seahawks to have their moment in the sun, my loyalty switched when they didn't make the cut and my man's 49ers did.  He grew up in San Francisco, and the Niners have won the Super Bowl five times!  Part of my draw to this year's game was also that the head coaches from opposing teams were brothers.  Talk about a rivalry!  Who did their parents cheer for?

After the Ravens won, I pictured both teams lining up, like we used to do as soccer players, and walking down the line low-fiving each other.  Good game, good game, good game.    

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