Tuesday, January 22, 2013

fresh starts

It has been a momentous 48 hours.

First, Chris replaced our church's grand piano with a fancy keyboard. The piano was old and constantly going out of tune.  It was a well-loved instrument that represented ten years of history.  But the scenery on our church stage is changing (smaller pulpit, fabric panels, musicians rearranged), and I think our ability to embrace new things as a congregation is changing.

Surely, there will be stories told about that piano as years goes by, namely all of the times showman, Randy Estelle, came and put it through its paces.  He had a way of turning a classical piece into something out of a rock concert or Broadway musical.  My husband doesn't have that same kind of flair when he plays, but he does play well, and he got to initiate the new keyboard during both services on Sunday.

Second, we got more snow!  Today we are predicted to have a high of 9 (single digit!) degrees.  Shiver me happy.

Thirdly, did you watch the inauguration?

I was with a client during the event, but I've watched pieces of it online, and listened to commentary on the radio.  I thought the president gave a beautiful speech.  He stated that a second term represents a "fresh start."  I like that.

Plus, I'm crazy about the First Lady (her new bangs are adorable!).  I also admire Obama for being publicly inaugurated on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  When I heard that he placed his hand on two Bibles while renewing his oath (one belonging to Abraham Lincoln and the other belonging to Dr. King), I cried.

Fresh starts.

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