Monday, January 7, 2013


When I was eight, A Christmas Story was released in theatres.

Thanks to an advertisement at a local mall, my family got to attend a pre-screening of the movie.  I even remember filling out a questionnaire at the film's end and writing in all capital letters, "HILARIOUS!!"  True story.

Did you know that A Christmas Story was filmed in Cleveland?

You might recall me mentioning the house-turned-museum in an earlier post.  We've visited most of the other venues mentioned then, but have yet to make our way inside Ralphie's living room.

Last month we watched the comedy again on the big screen.  It was the first time I can remember seeing it that way since being in the test audience.  Oh, it was marvelous watching the story unfold and recognizing several of the featured landmarks.  Coincidentally, we received a dinner plate for Christmas that boasts an image of Ralphie in his pink bunny suit.  It was a timely gag and one we'll laugh about every time we use it for company.

Anyone want to try sticking their tongue to a flagpole?  It's 30 degrees outside, snow on the ground.

I triple dog dare you.

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