Wednesday, January 30, 2013

father daughter

I'm not sure who was more excited when my husband was asked to the Father Daughter Dance last Saturday.  Me or him.

He was asked by 15 year-old Cerina whose own father passed away six years ago.  This was her first dance.  This was my husband's first dance, too (Baptist kid).  I volunteered to chauffeur and take pictures and be the giddy third wheel.  We bought Cerina a wrist corsage made of white roses and baby's breath, with white netting and vermillion-colored ribbon.  She and her mom bought Chris a boutonni√®re and a colorful Jerry Garcia tie (with matching tie tack), and gave me a bouquet of wild flowers.  

Seeing all of the men in suits, with their young ladies wearing pretty dresses (there were even a few sparkly tiaras), was so sweet. They each had their photos taken at the door, and were offered a variety of cookies and juice as the night went on.

Connie King, one of the moms in our church, is a professional dance teacher.  She used to teach students in California, some of whom went on to dance in the public eye.  Her most famous student is Universal Ballroom Champion, Victor Fung, who appeared on "Dancing with the Stars."  She is a talented instructor, and I was amazed at how she taught the dads/grandpas/uncles and daughters/granddaughters/nieces to swing, merengue and waltz in just over an hour.  By the end of the evening, each couple was smiling and laughing and dancing the moves they learned.

And twirling.  Lots of twirling.

Following his lead.

Chris was a perfect gentleman and Cerina beamed the entire evening.  We wanted her to feel so special and loved.  It was an honor to help make this night happen, and to be part of Cerina's history.  To quote my dad, "Chris proves that chivalry is not dead and wears a goatee."

Now, bring me those feet, Pops.  I haven't danced on them in years! 


  1. I'm smiling just thinking of the beautiful memories you both made for yourselves and for Cerina, too.

    1. Thank you, Monika! I'm smiling, too. :)