Friday, January 25, 2013

80s edition

Give me a theme and I will rise to the occasion, especially when it comes to my youth kids.  I'm an animated person normally, so dressing up in a costume isn't daunting for me.

Remember the Pink Lady and Evie Suave?

Our past two youth game nights (aka Sunday Night Live) were 80s themed.  If you're my age or older, you lived through the 80s with vivid recall.  I remember wearing off-the-shoulder tops and side ponytails as early as elementary school with big bangs and feathered hair befriending me in junior high.  I loved fashion back then!  In my memory, I had the coolest wide belts and mini skirts (mini = lower mid-thigh), and all of that clunky jewelry. Brand names were important to me, but my parents didn't have a lot of money.  So, I had my one pair of white Guess jeans, my one pair of white Keds, a pink Venezia sweater top, and my Esprit book bag that I carried everywhere until it wore holes in the bottom.

Between you and me, I thought I made up the word "dudical."  

Also, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but 80s fashion has returned to the mainstream (slouchy shirts cinched with woven belts, neon tees, leggings, button-down tops knotted at the midriff, popped collars, and denim!).  Seeing these styles come back is like doing a double-take with my pre-teen self.  Coolots, anyone? 

The kids who attended our game nights were mini Don Johnson and Madonna lookalikes with a splash of Flashdance.  Even the Atari game system and Steve Urkel (circa 1989) were there!

My costume for last year's 80s SNL was Punky Brewster:

© photo credit: Emily Deck

This year I showed up as Smurfette:

Other participants included the gang from Napoleon Dynamite and Rainbow Brite:

© photo credit: Emily Deck


© photo credit: Emily Deck

We almost ended both events without injury, until the last half hour when someone broke a light fixture and someone else sprained their wrist.  Good thing we have a sense of humor, a nurse on-hand, and liability forms.

Like, totally.

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