Tuesday, November 6, 2012

swing state

Living in a swing state makes me wonder if we get barraged by more political ads and junk mail than everyone else.  Like you, I am so ready for the mud-slinging to be over and our nation to settle in to whomever our leader is going to be.  I don't know why anyone would want to be president, but I am praying for them.

Democrat or Republican (come on Green Party!), they have some serious clean-up to do.

Honestly, New York and New Jersey have weighed on my heart this week more than the election.  Did you watch the news about Hurricane Sandy?  Superstorm indeed!  185 people lost their lives, 8.5 million homes and businesses lost power (at least 1 million of them are still in the dark), with billions of dollars worth of damage due to wind and water damage.  Did you see pictures of the flooding?  So much water.  Apparently, 60 mph winds and rain mixed with snow are expected for the region this week.

I hope everyone has a warm place to sleep.

We have received several phone calls, e-mails and Facebook messages asking if we're okay in Ohio.  Thank you!  We are, better than okay. It rained for six days straight (no complaints from this girl!), we had one brief snow flurry, and the wind blew trees, leaves, and trash cans around.  Our mums took a beating, but we were never without electricity (some of our friends lost power for a few days) and our city closed offices and schools to be on the safe side.   

Today is election day, business as usual.

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