Thursday, November 1, 2012

egg nog latte

As of today, my sister and I have a new tradition.

Since November 1st is the day Starbucks brings out their non-pumpkin holiday drinks, we've decided that no matter where we are on November 1st, we will find a Starbucks and order an egg nog latte.  If we're not physically together on that day, we'll take a phone picture and text it to each other.

This beverage is something we count down the months for and talk about a lot (usually when summer is causing us sweaty grief). Since commercial egg nog is seasonal, our indulgence is seasonal, too.  And boy, do we indulge!  I had my first one of 2012 this morning, and I'm already thinking about round two.

Do you have a favorite holiday drink?


  1. I'm headed to town tomorrow and will try my first ever eggnog latte in honor of your fun tradition. Hope to remember to snap a photo and send it to you! We adore the hot chocolate from Williams Sonoma...such a splurge but a fun indulgence with their handmade marshmallows.

  2. How fun, Monika! Your talk of Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate makes me think of this peanut butter drinking chocolate we like to order from Lilly Handmade Chocolates in Tremont. Oh man! Decadent almost doesn't seem strong enough a word to use for it. Definitely an indulgence. Let me know how you liked the latte! :)