Saturday, November 17, 2012


This morning was a good one.  Really good.

I met up with 24 other volunteers from Cornerstone Chapel for a caravan to Akron, where we joined Jesus Said Ministries at a church downtown.  It was their annual Thanksgiving meal for hungry families in the area, and we got to help serve.

When Judy, the coordinator, told us our job was to meet people, make them feel welcome, help them with their food trays, offer them seconds, and be all-around friendly, I knew it was going to be a good day.  I was so in my element, grinning from start to finish.

We joined a volunteer group from a neighboring church and served over 150 people.  Apparently, last year they ran out of food.  This year, we had more than enough!  Folks were able to take food home with them, and give food to their friends and family members who weren't able to make it.

I loved knowing everyone walked away full.

Hubby and I leave for California on Monday for a week of thanks with the Holowaty clan.  I will take with me the hugs and smiles and gratitude expressed today, and so many blessings.

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