Sunday, October 14, 2012


We've been to two clambakes this month, and I'm still smiling about them.  The clams at both events were huge!

The first go around was all-you-can-eat, or rather, all-Amy-could-eat.  Each net had a dozen, I think.  I definitely ate three.. maybe four nets?  Each tasty bit was dipped in melted butter before devouring.  The clams were accompanied by another animal protein (steak or chicken), veggies, potatoes (baby reds or sweet), salad, cornbread, dinner rolls and dessert for days.

Living in the midwest definitely has its perks.

And Amy has her Amy-isms.  Before leaving the party last night, I was telling an especially spirited anecdote about how I should've been born a neanderthal.  There are plenty of girls who dream about being a Victorian lady or a royal princess.  I just love food so much and engaging in my food (both hands, open mouth, messy face) that I think an ideal era for me to be born in would be when food was one of the only concerns in life and talking wasn't a requirement.  

My parents would be so proud of me.   

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