Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a cat & chorale

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My husband is watching the presidential debate in the other room and I'm on the computer.  I'm just not much for politics, but I am for funny stories and meaningful experiences.

The funny moment of my day happened this afternoon when our next door neighbor called to tell me an Earl story.  Earl lives across the street and often shuffles over to tell us news about another neighbor, advise my husband on lawn maintenance or ask for help.  He does the same to our neighbors next door, except his requests to them usually involve chasing his dog, critiquing the recent paint job on their exterior or moving something.

We like to gather around Josh & Kelly's dining room table or backyard fire pit and tell Earl & Ruth stories.

So, Kelly stayed home from work today, but instead of having a few hours to catch up on things, she got a visit from Earl.. who brought her a cat.  Apparently, he found the stray on his property and decided Josh & Kelly needed to take care of it, since they have two already. Despite his wife's protests from their front lawn ("Leave the cat alone, Earl!"), he handed it over to Kelly.  The tabby didn't have a collar, but was gentle and friendly and not at all spooked by strangers.  Kelly didn't have the heart to argue with Earl, so she took the cat and fed it in her garage.  Later she showed me the feline as proof, and is now posting pleas on Facebook for a new owner.

Anyone need another mouth to feed?  It purrs.   

The meaningful experience happened this evening at Medina High School.  Medina is know for its fine arts program (you should see the size of the marching band!).  There are ten singing groups at the school, including male and female a cappella, a barbershop quartet, and a show choir.  All of them were entertaining, but my breath was taken by the traditional choral music, namely the 20 minute Son of God Mass by James Whitbourn.  It was sung by the 48-member Concert Choir with brilliant accompaniment by organ and soprano saxophone.  The piece was composed a year before the 9-11 tragedy and was performed in tribute by Living Voices the year after.  Several of the students from our church youth group performed tonight.  It was strange and wonderful to watch them at the age I was when I sang in choir.

My walk home was brisk and nostalgic.

Not bad for a Tuesday.

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