Wednesday, September 12, 2012

taking flight

A Cardinal family moved in to a tree outside our bedroom window.

This makes for perfect (stealth) viewing, as the parents flit from branch to branch.  The nest itself is perfectly constructed - I hope we see babies soon.  I also wonder when these animals rest, since they always seem to be on guard.  If my head was constantly jerking the way theirs do, my chiropractor would need a raise. 

Amanda was the first to notice the birds.  This was one of a long list of nature discoveries she's included us in this year, all of which were shared with great enthusiasm.  If her Walmart gig doesn't work out, I think she should go back to school and become a naturalist.

Talking about the birds and babies was actually a timely event, as Amanda moved out of our home soon after.  It wasn't our original timing, but due to unforeseen health issues, she needed to be somewhere with medical care.  We had to make some tough decisions last month, but are confident that this was the push Amanda needed to own her life and do something excellent with it.

As I type this, I know she's scared of the unknown.  I also know she has the best support system cheering her on, including the God of the universe.  I keep telling her to "trust the process."  Trust us, and (more importantly) trust that God is at work in her life.  She has too many reasons not to believe.

Fly, baby, fly!

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