Monday, September 3, 2012

just breathe

Ministry takes us to interesting places and often smacks us in the face with a reality suited for television.

We signed up for this many years ago, and quite love the vulnerability and depth and growth that comes with engaging in this kind of life. We wouldn't change it. Well, not completely.  There are times we wish we could soften the blow somehow, but giving up control means not having it.  Instead, we lean on hope and God's sufficient grace, comfort food and friends; and we trust that Our Creator will lead the way.  Loving people is messy and filled with the unexpected.

Unexpected joy.  Unexpected pain.  And a splash of crazy.

Suffice it to say, we are in a trying season.  God is sustaining us and we can see light through the tunnel, but the road is a bumpy one. We find it helpful to focus on what is good and true.. to slow everything else down.. and breathe.

Side note:  The tattoo pictured above is on the arm of a gal I met at the farmer's market last year.  Her name is Julie and she has an incredible testimony of overcoming debilitating disease and fear.  She is now a vegan chef and owns a cafe in Akron.  

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