Sunday, August 19, 2012


Julia Child's 100th birthday, Natalie Portman's wedding, the London Olympics, and my new nephew (born exactly a week ago).

So many things to talk about.

The most important of these was the debut of Samuel Christopher MacCarthy.  7lbs 8oz.  20.5 inches.

© photo credit: Ryan MacCarthy

Now that his parents, my in-laws (Ryan and Rachell), live in Chicago (only seven hours from Medina), the plan was for me to drive out there in time for his birth.  I told everyone I knew that I was going to deliver a baby last week.  But, as babies do, Sam arrived on his own timeline: four days early.  I missed the whole thing. Thankfully, he saved some of his itty bitty sweetness for me.  I was able to meet him Thursday and stay until Saturday.

Oh, he is all kinds of cute!

While I was in town, I also visited with Rachell's husband's parents and Chris and Rachell's mom, Flora.  Flora and I shared a room, which was really lovely.  She doesn't snore like her oldest son does either.  So nice.  (I love you, babe!)

Sam has two older brothers, Quinn and Rex.  The first and second days of my visit, Quinn and I played on the backyard trampoline.  Me in my 36 year-old body, him in his Superman cape.  Guess who had more endurance (and resilience)?  Super Quinn taught me how to do a flip, and (when Auntie Amy needed a break) we laid on our backs and found shapes in the clouds.

We even caught a cricket and put it inside a plastic container, so Quinn and Rex could torture keep it as a pet.  At one point, green leaves and a long-legged spider shared residence, and no matter how many times either boy shook the container, the cricket lived through the night.  The spider preferred a prison break.

When I asked Quinn why he's so strong.  He told me it's because he eats breakfast, and knows Kung Fu.

As if time with the Holowaty-MacCarthy clan wasn't good enough, I took a little detour to St. Charles on my last day.  There I visited with my high school choir director and his wife, Jim and Kathy McCullough. Although we've exchanged Christmas cards and e-mails over the past twenty years, we haven't seen each other in person until now.  What a treat!  They both look exactly as I remember them, and were as beautiful in spirit as I remember, too.

I was proud of myself for saying Jim's name with ease.  It was a right of passage he granted us after we graduated.  Instead of "Mr. McCullough," we could start calling him by his first name, once we had our diploma in hand.  For many years, I couldn't bring myself to say, "Jim."  But when I saw him, it was perfect.

The drive both ways was easy and uneventful.

On the trip there, I took the turnpike and paid the tolls.  On the way back, I let my GPS take me along country highways and back roads. Both options were pleasant.  Somewhere in Indiana, I found a radio station playing a boy band marathon.

Guess who sang every song at the top of her lungs?

I am so blessed to have family I like spending time with.  And babies. Lots of babies.  Chris's brother's wife (in California) is due to give birth around Thanksgiving.  We'll be there visiting during that time, so I'm hoping for a second chance at delivery.

This one will be a girl.


  1. Well, the chances of you seeing this being born are a bit higher, since my babes thoroughly enjoy cooking for their full forty weeks. -Just like their daddy, "Why leave earlier than I need to?"

    1. Swing and a miss! Man, this just wasn't my year for birth coaching. haha The way you sisters-of-mine pop out babies, though, I think I'll have another crack at it in the future. Fingers crossed. Thank you for wanting me there anyway! Olive is a stinker for coming out early. I'll be sure to remind her of it when she's a teenager. ;)