Sunday, August 26, 2012


Wednesday night we began a new year of our church's youth movement called Revolve.

One of my favorite things about starting a new season is the energy and excitement the kids have.  It's the same buzz I feel on opening day of a blockbuster movie.

It's a sort of anticipation - hopeful for a year of change, friendships, and (whether they know it yet or not) passions ignited and an establishing or renewal of faith.  Even though it's hard for them to sit still on a night like this (most weeks, let's be honest), I believe they believe in the possibility of God doing something great in and among them.  That gets me excited, too.

Most of the young people are taller than they were two months ago and all of them are starting a new grade at school.  I make a big deal out of the height thing, since usually it means they have passed me up by a head.  Some of them I see throughout the summer, but there's something about that first meeting of the new year.

Maybe I'm just shrinking.

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