Tuesday, July 3, 2012

tornado warning

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Whenever someone asks me what I like about living in Ohio, my answer is often "thunder & lightning storms!"  Something about the way the clouds form and the sky opens up with grumbling and rants. It's ominous and brilliant at the same time.

Our roommate grew up with these weather patterns and is less inclined for excitement.  But, we're only 28 months old here.  We get excited.  The wind, the sheets of rain, the way we all jump when a really good thunder clap shakes the house.. it's a wild ride.

This morning things got serious.

Medina has had "severe weather warnings" and "tornado watches" before, but rarely do we get a tornado warning.  Just before noon, we had a tornado warning.  I was at home with Amanda when the tornado sirens went off.  She and I moved in to the living room and watched the news together, while texting friends we knew in the outlying storm areas.  It was intense where we were, but we knew others were getting it worse.  Thankfully, the warning only lasted a half an hour, and everyone we know is safe and sound.

We came close to retreating to the basement with our lunches.  I think Amanda would have preferred that to my dancing around. Clearly, she's the smart one.

We're scheduled to have our annual tailgate party at church tonight, but the skies are still angry.  Not sure if we'll even get to see the city's fireworks, but at least we're warm and dry and still have our homes and families in tact.

I hope to never experience the opposite.

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