Tuesday, July 10, 2012

secret admirer

When was the last time you had a secret admirer?

You know, that special someone who (without prompting) surprises you with love notes and goodies?  It's been that long for me, too! 

Except now, for two months in a row, I've received letters in the mail from Cleveland, Ohio.  No return address.  Signed only "Secret Sender." Before you go thinking it's another real life episode of the Twilight Zone, I have proof.  They know me.

The first envelope contained a handmade puzzle:

The second mailing came in six parts:

I posted about my secret friend on Facebook and still have no idea who it is.  The handwriting leads me to believe it's one of my youth girls, but I suppose it could be anyone.

Secret or not, I'm smiling.

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