Monday, July 9, 2012

scary movies

Hubby is currently in Managua, Nicaragua serving with a Foursquare church.  The last I heard, he went zip-lining on one of his free days and is training to be a puppeteer.  He also handed out Bibles door-to-door, prayed healing over local families, and might have to learn a dance or two for the children.

As long as there is no talk of mimes, he's happy.

In his absence, I'm catching up on blogging and laundry, going to farmers markets, seeing clients, and spending time with girlfriends.

On two evenings recently, I had friends over for a movie night.  Each time it was me, our roommate, two other gals, and armloads of junk food, with the first one including an appearance by my husband.. from the shadows.. with a scream.  I'm pretty sure one of the teenagers wet herself.  The second night was just us girls watching Paranormal Activity 3. I lost count of how many times we jumped and squealed on account of nerves.

That's what friends are for. 

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