Sunday, July 1, 2012


It started with a text message from the Maid of Honor, asking me about finger sandwich recipes she could use for Anna's bridal shower.

First, can we please discuss the phrase, "finger sandwich?"

To quote a friend of mine, "Odd name.  I mean, what else would you eat them with?"  Good point.  I suppose, you could go the way of the macabre and think of them in terms of hand parts and cream cheese. Perhaps, that's why they are also called "tea sandwiches." Not that you have to eat them with tea, but they do sound more refined that way and less like a gory Halloween snack. 

Second, since I'm also one of Anna's bridesmaids and food is my love language, I was sure that I could find interesting recipes online and double sure I could prepare the sandwiches myself.  

After an hour of pouring over recipes, I was inspired to make the following three types of sandwiches (I added my own spin to them - mixed everything to taste):  chicken waldorf salad in a mini pita pocket, cucumber with lemon-mint mayonnaise on 12-grain, and a goat & cream cheese spread with toasted pecans and red pepper jelly on hearty white bread.

My husband graciously helped me stuff the pitas.  I asked him if he ever imagined this moment the day we said our vows. He replied, "Well, we did say 'for better or worse.'"  Funny guy.

Anna & Steven were showered well yesterday.  They participated in games and gift-opening, and enjoyed a bounty of sandwiches (all three were a hit!), fresh fruits & veggies, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts (another bridesmaid named Amy made those = divine!), coconut-rolled dates, and a table overflowing with desserts.

What a joy it was to celebrate two friends in love.

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