Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I'm not a very efficient baker.  I take a long time going from one step to the next, unless I'm on a time constraint.  But even then I wouldn't say I'm efficient.  

Checking text messages, changing the laundry, heating up leftovers from last night's dinner, loading the dishwasher, wiping down the counter as I go along, sorting through mail on the counter, reading a magazine that came in the mail on the counter, taking pictures of my food..  Seriously, I am distracted by everything.

Good thing the end result makes up for all of that wait time.

Tonight, I baked a dessert bar recipe from one of the blogs I follow. With hubby in another country, I find I have time on my hands where I would otherwise be spending with him.  It's in those moments when I'm most inspired to bake from scratch.  My naturopath has me on a dairy/gluten-free diet, so I'm always keeping my eyes open for interesting recipes that don't require seventeen ingredients I don't have, and taste like cardboard.

These almond berry jammy dessert bars are neither difficult to make nor tasteless.

I used a jar of tayberry jam my friend, Lily, gave to me during my last Seattle visit (instead of making my own as this recipe suggests - though the cherry-chia jam sounds divine!), and I added fresh blueberries on top of the jam, before adding the almond crumble. The only ingredient I didn't have on hand was ground flaxseed, and I added 2T honey in with the agave syrup for sweetness.  I also added local bee pollen, but that's just me (I heard that eating local honey can help with seasonal allergies).

This dessert would be perfect dressed in vanilla ice cream, and shared with friends.

Summery.  Sweet.

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