Sunday, July 8, 2012

fireworks & lightning storms

What I like most about the fourth of July is the way it brings communities together.  Every other day of the year, you may limit your neighborly interactions to a wave and nod as you drive by.  But on this holiday, everyone is out in friendship and festive attire.  No one seems to mind the heat index, and barbecues fill the air with their signature scent.

Our church hosts a tailgate party on the third of July, and this year, I volunteered at the SnoCone machine.  I think I've finally acclimated to the extreme temperatures of the midwest, but I will always prefer the cold.  The SnoCone machine did well to keep my sweating (or at least my concern of it) at a minimum.

I love seeing all of the familiar faces that show up on that day. Everyone is in a good mood at our tailgate party, faces get painted, and our church parking lot is transformed in to a giant playground.

The following night, we joined Bruce & Patty and a few other friends for the Spencer city fireworks.  Medina does a fine job, but Spencer does it better.  For sure it helps that we sit in a big park with the fireworks lit only half a football field away.  You can feel the boom all the way down to your toes!  Next year, we're talking about scooting up closer.. living on the edge.

God spared no expense with His own pyrotechnics this year, as both nights the human version contended with an impressive lightning storm.

Let freedom ring.

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