Saturday, June 9, 2012


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Cornerstone Chapel is busier than usual this week, as we host the viewing and memorial service for Kevin Fox, one of the young people who died in a car accident on Sunday.

It's being called the Brunswick Tragedy.

Five teenagers were speeding on a country road and lost control of their vehicle, as it was launched over an open railroad crossing and struck a tree.  Four of the students died, one survived.  The day they died was the same day two of them were supposed to graduate from Brunswick High School.

Approximately 2,000 mourners attended yesterday's viewing.  At least twice as many are expected at this afternoon's memorial service.  My husband is on staff at the church and told me they've received food and supply donations from businesses and churches all over the county and beyond. The outpouring of support has been amazing.

Kevin used to attend our youth group and Sunday morning services. It's a terrible loss all the way around, and makes me want to hug my youth kids a little tighter.

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