Thursday, June 14, 2012

roommate 2

On April 14th, Amanda moved in.

We joked with her before she arrived that we were going to "Amanda proof" our home, like you do for a baby.  I suggested padding all sharp corners with bubble wrap.  She was amused, and maybe slightly disappointed that we didn't really do it.

Amanda has had her share of minor injuries and other health struggles since moving in, but she is learning how her body responds to pain and how she can help herself.  She also started physical therapy again this week.

The three of us have talked a lot about her health and how we can help motivate her towards change, as well as teaching her about self-awareness and living communally.  Amanda has so much potential.

We believe in her and desire to see her flourish and have the best possible chance at this life.  This video has been a motivator for us.

Never give up.

So, while Amanda has found herself in these places lately..

She has also found herself surrounded by an army of friends, and a support system that exists even when she is alone in her room.

Plus, she has become a master gardener and is a huge help around the house.  She bakes us brownies and even cooked dinner for my husband after he returned home from a church conference this month.  Shake 'n Bake has become her specialty.

Amanda is quirky and beautiful and funny and sincere.

And we love her.

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