Monday, June 18, 2012


I live in the wrong part of the country.

Football is a big deal in the midwest, and I'm just not that girl.  Give me soccer, hockey, beach volleyball or gymnastics, and I'm good.

Not even the lure of stadium hot dogs and loaded nachos will make me want to attend a football game (though, tempting).  The two ways you can get me to go are if someone I know is playing or is one of the cheerleaders.  It's what made me go to football games in high school. Well, and the social scene.. and the cute boys.

My dear friend, Melissa, is a cheer dancer for The NE Ohio Prowlers. This is the same friend who cheer danced for The Crew MLS team in Columbus last year.  The Crew dissolved their dance team, so Melissa moved closer to home and got a job coaching and choreographing for The Prowlers.

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The Prowlers cheer for a semi-professional football team called The Predators.  (I agree, the names are kinda creepy).  Saturday night, I joined Melissa's family for a little road trip to Macedonia to watch Melissa perform.  Of course, it meant sitting through a three hour football game, but you do crazy things for love.. and Melissa is one talented girl (pretty, too!)!

I've always loved watching people dance in unison.  Show me any dance movie and I'm a fan, regardless of the weak plotline and acting.  I watched the original Fame as a child, and even attempted ballet for a year.  I can't wait for Step Up: Revolution to hit theaters next month.  And, flash mobs?  Heck yes!  Hip hop is my favorite style of dancing to watch, so when Melissa led her girls in a hip hop-style routine to "Whoomp! (There it Is),"  I was at the edge of my seat.

You can see my phone video here.

She and her brother, Josh, have danced in events at our church over the years, and they both danced professionally on stage for a time.

Even though football will take a long time to grow on me, spending an evening with friends on a mild summer evening (watching one of my favorite art forms) makes it all worth it.

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