Tuesday, June 12, 2012

change is good

Two years ago last April, we bought our first home.

While we've decided we prefer to be renters, we have made this house our own and quite like the owner privilege of making changes wherever we choose.

Recently, we updated the guest bathroom and kitchen floor.

Here are before and after photos.

We removed the tiling on the wall, changed the paint color from pale yellow to raffia ribbon, and replaced fixtures and d├ęcor.  We left the shower tiling in its original form, since I'm not (yet) ready to part with the nostalgia of the pink bathtub and its matching pink and white backdrop.

The linoleum that came with the house was old and stained.  No matter how hard I scrubbed, I could not get it clean.  Plus, when we remodeled the kitchen, everything got moved around, so the floor no longer fit.  We learned to live with it, but now that it's new again, my bare feet are happy.

Change is good.

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