Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have a new celebrity crush.

Everyone knows I adore Kat Von D (I even named my car after her). Regardless of how the media has portrayed her personal life over the years, I see her as an overcomer, strong and electric.  Plus, she wears those tattoos so well.  Then, there's Michael Symon.  A famous chef and Food Network darling, he pretty much revamped the Cleveland restaurant scene.  And he's so darn cute.

Last weekend I developed a new crush on Ani Phyo, an organic raw foods expert and advocate for clean living.  I read her Raw Food Kitchen cookbook on our road trip to Knoxville and was inspired.  I give all the credit to my new friend, Jennifer Wegryn.  She was the raw foods educator with a table next to mine at March's "Live Well 2012" trade show. She showed us Ani Phyo's book, with all of its beautiful pictures, and told us that she was also inspired by this woman's story.  Jennifer has her own business as a certified living foods educator.  I can't wait to attend one of her classes!  I recently purchased a Spiralizer (another Jennifer-recommended item), and hope to start digging in to Ani's recipes next month.

Hubby and I have more traveling in the coming week.  He is attending a foursquare convention in Phoenix, while I am visiting family and friends in Seattle.  In Tennessee and surely in Washington, I will eat heavier than I normally do.  With as intentional as we've been in our dietary changes this year, we need a good splurge every now and then.

This brings us to the blender.  Some day I hope to acquire a Vitamix or Blendtec (hint hint, hubby).  You know the really cool ones that pulverize anything you put in them, and don't burn out after two years (my curse)?  A food processor would be nice, too.  But for now, we are giving our Oster blender a workout by making green/fruit smoothies every day this week.  It's a way of cleansing our bodies from the indulgence before and the indulgence to come.

We've used a combination of fresh citrus, berries, apples, pears, mango, tomatoes, banana, celery, cucumber, spinach, kale, bell peppers and avocado, in addition to soy yogurt, almond milk and ice. Yesterday I made a smoothie with strawberries, mint, honey, agave, chocolate protein powder, unsweetened cocoa, and tofu.  I was the only one who liked it.  The tofu made it so creamy, but I guess not everyone likes the taste of tofu.  Creativity doesn't always pay off, but it's fun to try.  I've referred to this website a few times for smoothie recipes, as well as Victoria Boutenko's book, 12 Steps to Raw Foods.  I'm learning as I go along, and have had some good results.

Now, if Ani Phyo would just come to Cleveland for a book signing, cooking class, or accompany me to the farmer's market, I would be complete.

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