Thursday, May 24, 2012

police blotter: usual suspects

REST NOT RUBBISH, W. NORTH: A landlord on W. North Street called police Sept. 22, reporting that a man was attempting to illegally dump a mattress on the property.  The alleged suspect was actually only taking a break because he was tired.  He was carrying the mattress from Court to Bronson Street.

FAR, FAR AWAY.. N. STATE: Police were called to a N. State Street around 2:20a.m. Nov. 7 upon report of a disturbance.  According to the police report, the suspects were arguing about "light saber etiquette."  No citations or charges were filed in the case.

SKUNK, S. JEFFERSON: An officer witnessed a skunk running along S. Jefferson Street at 8:15a.m., Aug. 28.  While the sight of a skunk was not out of the ordinary, this one had a yogurt cup stuck on its head.  It could not free itself.  The cup was removed.

DISTURBANCE: Police were called to intervene March 23 when people complained about a couple fighting over custody of their lizard.  The male was able to leave with the reptile.

SUSPICIOUS DISCOVERY: A woman called police and said she found a human vertebrae bone in her garden March 23 and wanted the police to test it for DNA.  It was sent to  the Medina County coroner to determine if it was human or animal bone.

FLOWERS, MEDINA LIBRARY: Police came across a suspicious juvenile boy near the Medina County District Library around 10:20p.m. Nov. 13.  When officers confronted the boy, he said he was cutting flowers for his girlfriend.  Police took the boy home.

STRANGE LOVE NOTE, N. COURT: It was a strange way to display affection - a simple card would have done fine.  An assailant allegedly broke into the garage of a N. Court Street home, entering through a locked main door, and spray-painted the words "I love you" on the inner facing of the garage door.  The damage was found around 9a.m. on Nov. 9.

NOISES, FREEPORT: A Freeport Drive woman told police that she heard noises from her basement, including what she thought was her television turning on by itself, at about 9:50a.m. on March 4. Officers checked the home and found everything secure.

CUPPED, S. HARMONY: Officers were called to a S. Harmony Street home Jan. 25 to assist a resident who complained that someone drove by his house and threw a cup at him sometime before 4p.m.  No arrests have been made in the drive-by cupping.

HAIR WARS, MINER: A caller told police that loud yelling and crying could be heard coming from a Miner Drive apartment around 2:30p.m. Jan. 25.  Was it domestic dispute or assault?  Neither. Police responded and discovered that a child was throwing a fit over having its hair done.

STRANGE ODOR, W. FRIENDSHIP: A W. Friendship Street resident told police that a strange odor was emanating from the downstairs neighbor's apartment on Nov. 19.  Officers responded to the address, checked with the neighbor, and determined that the strange smell was the neighbor's dinner.  There was no criminal offense committed, only an offended neighbor.

Welcome to Ohio.

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