Friday, April 13, 2012

healthy 3

Since January, hubby and I have been on a pursuit towards healthy eating and lifestyle.

We both wanted a change, but knew it would require sacrifice and diligence and the breaking of bad habits.  Truth is, we love living large through food.  Some of our best memories include rich evenings of laughter and indulgence with friends.  We didn't want to change that altogether, but we knew we had to reign it in.  We have spent more nights at home cooking this year, which has been a big help. Plus, we gave up the gym membership and bought an elliptical for the basement (that we actually use), I'm journaling my food online, and Chris and I continue to be in this together.

As my dad always says, "Slow and steady wins the race."

We aren't in a rush to get skinny.  We want to live a healthy life, enjoy having energy, sleeping through the night, and bellies that don't hang over our belts.  We do well with structure, but we like to not think about it some times, too.  So, we have adopted the 80/20 rule.  Eighty percent of the time we eat healthy and intentionally, and twenty percent of the time we don't.  I am more mindful at the grocery store now, and buy items that are better for us, even in large amounts.  I do have coconut milk ice cream in the freezer, and kettle chips on top of the fridge, and all the ingredients to bake something at a moment's notice, but I let it be an exception not the rule (except maybe the ice cream).

I'm pleased to say that we've both lost over 20 pounds!

If you are on your own pursuit towards good health, don't give up.  It's not a one time thing, it's a way of life.

Every day is a new day.

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