Thursday, April 12, 2012


What a lovely houseguest Flora made.

We had fun parading her around, introducing her to friends and our charming town of Medina.  Everyone adored her.  How could they not?  She is so sweet and poised and stylish (the above photo was taken circa 1971 when Chris was a toddler - look at that gorgeous yellow coat!).

Flora is a genuine lady.

After Amish country, we feasted on our buys.  So many snacks.  We made a good dent in them, namely as Chris and his mom finished all seven episodes of Downton Abbey.  To be fair, the miniseries marathon extended in to Tuesday, in-between Mom's chopping and preparing and cooking our delicious borscht soup dinner.  She made it extra chunky with beets and sweet potatoes.

I just love the color of beets.

Our church staff got to enjoy the leftovers today for lunch.  Chris said they were nervous at first, especially after we told them about the head cheese.  But, they tried it and were relieved by how tasty it was.  Pretty dang delicious!

Though we couldn't convince Flora to move in with us, we did buy our plane tickets for Thanksgiving.

Burlingame will be lovely that time of year.


  1. thanksgiving huh? so I take you are gonna be here for the birth of #3? 'cause that would be so flippin' awesome!

  2. yay!!!!! you're coming for thanksgiving!!! we may jave an extra houseguest... but you probably already knew that.